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DPD (Germany): Migration to GeoRouting & GeoLabel in Carrier Connect for the AEB Cloud


  • Patrick Dörr

    Current status of the certification

    We are in the final stages of the certification process and are confident that we will be able to successfully complete certification in the next few days. The last open items are related exclusively to returns and dangerous goods. All other use cases were accepted without errors. However, all items must be successfully accepted for certification.


    Important tips 

    • To ensure that you are printing only the new relevant labels, delete the old labels and enable either the new DPD Germany GeoLabel with 203 or300 dpi.
    • Note the mandatory information for shipments subject to customs duty (see step 3). You can add the mandatory field checks in the carrier configuration under Additionally required shipping order data –Required information.
    • Add the extra field "DPD (invoice) recipient VAT" by clicking New on the Extra fields sheet in the carrier configuration – this will allow you to fill it in the shipment’s transaction data. Alternatively, you can use the reference types "VAT ID recipient" or "VAT ID importer" in the transaction data/shipping order (Shipping order – Extended information – Further references and texts).
    • You fill in the mandatory field "VAT ID shipping point or consignor if dutiable" in the company master under Master data – Companies – VAT ID. Alternatively, the fields EORI numberand VAT ID are available in the account of the carrier configuration under Customer data. If both fields are filled, the EORI number of the consignor is transmitted.
  • Petra Schöneberg

    DPD certification successfully passed

    Carrier Connect is DPD certified as of december 29, 2022. Please continue with the migration to GeoRouting / GeoLabel. No separate approval is required. If the migration is delayed in your company, please inform your depot and write an e-mail to with the following information:

    1. Company and contact person with e-mail address
    2. all your DelisIDs with which you generate labels
    3. annual package quantity
    4. depot
    5. date of changeover to new technology.

    For a transition period of 1-2 weeks a relabeling can take place in the respective depots. However, this will lead to operational delays and possibly longer runtimes. A short-term changeover is therefore imperative.


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