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The AEB system requirements (on-premise installations)


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  • Nina Bayer

    The AEB system requirements (AEB Cloud & on-premise installations) have been updated today.

    Major changes at a glance:

    • Windows Server 2022 has been released for all AEB Engines (except ASSIST4 applications)
    • Windows 8.1 is no longer supported (affects all AEB Engines as well as ASSIST4 applications)
    • For ASSIST4 applications (on-premise installations), additional barcode scanner models have been released
    • The system requirements for the AEB Cloud products Export Filing: ATLAS, Import Filing: ATLAS, Customs Management (International) and Customs Broker Integration have been combined in the Customs Management (AEB Cloud) system requirements.

    Please refer to the change history in the respective system requirements for further details.


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